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Submitted by michelle on Tuesday, December 16, 2003 - 00:24

Since the next official Debian Developer Meeting, DebConf 4, will be held in Brazil, many brazilian Debian Developers and some other people related to Debian started a discussion about the best place for it. It is our understanding that Porto Alegre, one of the most southern towns of Brazil, would be the best place for arranging the event.

As a first consequence, Pablo Lorenzzoni (aka spectra) and some other people living in Porto Alegre formed a team of "locals" to spy out an ideal place where DebConf 4 could be arraged. More than 20 meetings were done and eleven places were put on a list. During the process, pictures were taken and as a result of this, many places were removed from the list.

By a voting a decision was made for the "SESC Convention Center". They have a nice country hotel with acceptable prices and huge accommodations, really well-fit for this kind of event.

It is a really pleasant place with huge green areas (with sports squares and barbecue places on it) and a whole lot of walking sites right in the middle of the city. It is ten minutes away from FISL and close to a great avenue where we can take a city bus to get to virtually any place in town. Also, being a hotel, they have all the structure for wheel-chairs, including ramps and elevators.

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