Travel Agency
Submitted by spectra on Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 15:42

Since the travel costs and airfares can be a somewhat tricky issue, as shown in the ongoing discussion in the event mailing-list, we've contacted a local travel agency to try to help attendees out in finding the best offer. Some people have already been contacted.

There's no warranty they'll have the best offer, but feel free to email them and ask. For groups they have special discounts and free tickets policy.

They do not have access to our register system, and they will not have direct access ever, but we'll supply them with the information for those who contact them in order to avoid asking again the same questions.

The existence of an "official" travel agency doesn't rule out individual efforts to enlist prices and offers. Please, feel free to join the mailing-list on this topic as well.

Agency Details:

  • Name: Official Turismo
  • Contact Person: Fernanda Diniz de Castro
  • Email: agencia.official@terra.com.br
  • Street Address: Rua Garibaldi, 1116
  • ZIP Code (CEP): 90.035-051
  • City/State: Porto Alegre/RS
  • Phones: +55 51 3268.2220 / 3268.1585 / 3311.9576
  • Fax: +55 51 3268.2220

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