Getting to SESC
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SESC - João Daudt D'Oliveira Convention Center Hotel

Av. Protásio Alves, 6220
Bairro Petropólis
Porto Alegre - Brazil
Phones: +55 51 3381 9970 / +55 51 3381 996

map (click to see full zoom)


From Salgado Filho Airport (POA) you have the following options to get SESC.

  • Cabs: Cabs are the most direct option to get SESC, the average rate is around R$ 18 (they use taximeter, so there wouldn't be big differences). They are a red alike colour (there are some white with conditioned air, not needed in June since it's fall) and can be taken at arrival valet parking.
  • Metro/bus: Another (cheaper) option is to take Metro to downtown until the last station (Mercado) then take a bus to SESC, rate for Metro is R$ 0.75 and for Bus R$ 1.45. To take the Metro you will have to buy a ticket on metro station before. Here is a map for Airport station. And here is a map for Mercado downtown station. They both have also pictures of them.


Its advisable to have in mind the following things:

  • Most cab drivers doesn't speak english, so it's advisable to have the above map printed to show them where you want to go and also hardcopy SESC address. We've put some common english-portuguese phrases for communication help
  • Exchange money in POA airport, at least for transportation to SESC. Most business doesn't accept US dollars or another foreign currency.
  • In case you get lost call to: <# TBD>

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