DebConf Profiling IRC meeting
Submitted by spectra on Sunday, January 11, 2004 - 19:44

In DebConf4 scheduled meeting happened on Sun, Jan 11 2004 beginning at 16:00 UTC at #debconf4 on irc.debian.org, the following were decided (read the profiling post for details):

(1) Attendance:

The registration will be opened to everybody at the same point. We have categories, such as DDs and non-DDs. We have 150 slots to fill and DDs will be priorized. Others enters the FIFO. We'll require registration confirmation at the end of the registration period, and ask everyone to pay a small fee if we have >150 DDs registering.

We'll be using modified version of debconf3's scripts. Kov has volunteered to help during the meeting.

(2) Hosting:

SESC will be mostly filled with DebConf4 attendees, but we're not closing it down. If FISL wants to host people there, that's not a problem for us, as long as they share the costs with us.

(3) Miniconfs/BOFs:

DebConf talks will be happening all event long, from day two (May 27) to day eight (Jun 2). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. This will be prescheduled. Miniconfs/BOFs shall be registered during the event and will have their own timeframe, different from the 'official' talks. Debian, as a
project, will not request resources from Pre-FISL day, but showing up is quite a matter of wanting... Anyone interested in a Debian representation, please, contact us.

(4) Talks

We'll open registration for talks and issue a Call for Papers on debian-XXXX lists. A "how to give talks" talk is prescheduled for day one since no other talk is scheduled for that day. (to help ones who haven't got theirs done yet and help avoid awkward talks). A talk is 45 minutes long, but more can be worked out if they included a workshop. Registered people will have the oportunity to vote on talks they want to see.

(5) Hacklab

Stockholm is looking into getting a sponsor to loan us servers and laptops. We should not need to rent workstations; there will be one room offering wired LAN connections, designated the "hacklab". The rest of the conference area will have wireless (including the garden - by stockholm request); spectra is getting the floor plan of the conference center, so that we can design the wireless network. We will also need to provide ethernet cables and extension cords. Dieman is trying to get borrowed wireless equipment.

Full logs of the meeting can be find at Pablo's WebSite

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